Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Flaming Beanie

Back in the summer I did a local craft fair and sold a one-off hat I'd made with some left over merino I'd got from Wharfedale Woolworks .  I'd meant to write down the pattern but hadn't got around to it but I had a vague idea how I'd gone about it...  Fast forward to December and I got a message from the person who'd bought the hat wanting me to make another one for her.  I asked the customer to send me a pic and set to work making this:
It took 3 attempts to remember what exactly I'd done, so I wrote it down this time in case I need to make it again!
You will need:  100g dk weight main colour (I used King Cole merino blend Heather),
50g contrast colour (CC) (King cole merino blend dusky pink),
4.5mm Hook
Stitch markers

This pattern is for a 20" circ hat, it fits quite snugly because it uses tapestry crochet.  To make a larger or smaller hat, add or take away increase rounds, 6 sc = 1 1/2 "

This pattern uses tapestry crochet where you carry the colour not being worked underneath and stitch it into your work as you go.  It is important to not carry the yarn too tightly so that your hat still has some give in it when you wear it.  If you need some info on the technique have a look on you tube, there are lots of great tutorials :)

1.  Ch2, in 2nd ch from hook work 6sc
2.  (You will be working in a continuous spiral, place marker in first stitch of this round and move marker up to the first stitch of each new round), 2sc in each sc around (12)
3. *2sc, sc* around (18)
4.  *2sc, sc in next 2 sts* around (24)
5.  *2sc, sc in next 3 sts* around (30)
6.  *2sc, sc in next 4 sts* around (36)
7.  *2sc, sc in next 5 sts* around (42)
8.  *2sc, sc in next 6 sts* around (48)
9.  *2sc, sc in next 7 sts* around (54)
10.  *2sc, sc in next 8 sts* around (60)
11.  Sc in each st around (60)
12.  *2sc, sc in next 9 sts* around (66)
13.  sc in each st around
14.  *2sc, sc in next 10 sts* around (72)
15.  sc in each st around
16.  *2sc, sc in next 11 sts* around (78)
17.  sc in each st around
18.  *2sc, sc in next 12 sts* around (84)
19.  sc in each st around
20.  *2sc, sc in next 13 sts* around (90)
21 - 37:  sc around
38:  In this round the pink is added.  Carry the CC yarn under the stitches and pick it up and swap it to work stitch in every six in pink.  It may be helpful to mark out every six stitches to keep track of where you are - I added a stitch marker in every 12 stitches.  What I did was to randomly put in a pink stitch in each group of 6.  Randomly work from these combinations: 
(sc in next 5 changing to CC in last st worked, sc CC in last st changing to MC)
(sc in next 4 changing to CC in last st worked, sc CC in 5th st changing to MC, sc in last)
(sc in next 3 changing to CC in last st worked, sc CC in 4th st changing to MC, sc in next 2)
(sc in next 2 changing to CC in last st worked, sc CC in 3rd st changing to MC, sc in next 3)
(sc in first st changing to CC in last st worked, sc CC in 2nd st changing to MC, sc in next 4)
(sc in first st changing to MC in last st worked, sc in next 5 st)
39:  Continuing in the same fashion, in this round you will need to fill in 2 sts in every 6 using the CC - some of these might be 2 sts next door to each other, some separated by one or more sts
40.  3 in every six sts to be filled in using CC
41.  4 in every six sts to be filled in using CC
42.  5 in every six sts to be filled in using CC
43 - 47: sc around.  Check sizing by trying hat on (my hat measured approx 8" crown to brim), if you need to make it a bit bigger, add a few more rounds in the CC.  Once you are happy, work round to the stitch marker marking the first st of the round, sl st in the next 2 sts and fasten off. 

Weave in ends and wear!  Don't forget to post project pics on ravelry, I'd love to see what colour combos you come up with.  You could also try thsi hat in 3 (or more) colours by following the same method to fade into another colour...


  1. I see that your blog is UK based, but I believe that your crochet directions are using US terminology. I hope so anyway!

    Thank you for what looks as though it will be a very warm hat. Today's high was all of minus nineteen Celsius! Winter's only barely begun.

    1. Hi, yes my patterns are all written in US terminology!
      Looking forward to seeing your project, hope it keeps you warm :)