Tuesday, 23 October 2012

p/hop and MSF

So a while ago I set (and blogged about) an intention to donate a pattern to p/hop to raise money for MSF.  As I have been in the 12 shawls in 2012 challenge on Ravelry it made sense to write a shawl pattern, and here is a dodgy picture of the finished article being blocked:
I still haven't managed to get a decent picture of the shawl, it has been a miserable mix of rain and fog for the last week or so and my photography skills are pretty basic so I've left 'final pictures of fabulous shawl' on the to-do list for the time being!  Besides, over the next week I plan to offer the shawl on the free pattern testers forum on ravelry so I'm hoping if all else fails at least there will be some decent pictures available to me there!
The pattern itself is just about written up and is inspired by Aoibhe Ni's tunisian shawls, although it uses shorter linked stitches so I could get around the corners.
Hopefully it'll raise some much appreciated funds for an amazing organisation.

Hopscotch cowl

Well it's been a while since I posted on my blog but I have been busy creating in real life!  First things first I have written and published my first pattern for sale.  For the princely sum of £2 you can purchase the pattern for hopscotch cowl on Ravelry.  I'm quite proud of myself and did a slightly embarrasing little dance round the room when I sold the first copy!
It uses post stitches, chevrons and a slightly lacy middle section as well as chunky buttons to give it a solid textured feel without being too heavy.