Tuesday, 26 June 2012

top banana hairbands

In my continued quest for things to sell on my first craft stall I have come up with a number of patterns that don't take too long to make or use up acres of yarn.  I figured these two points would be essential if I want to sell anything and make a bit of a profit - there's not many people at a local craft fair who'd be prepared to pay for an intricately stitched, time consuming thingamibob costing £20, £30, £40.  So I raided my scrap-bag and found this lovely boo sock yarn I bought from babylonglegs last year to make some socks for my son.  I then raided my daughter's room for some unused (because she still doesn't have enough hair for them!) hair elastics and got to work!  These take about 20 minutes to make and can be adjusted in length/width as needed.

You will need a 4mm hook and some left over yarn (this is sock yarn but I've also used aran with a larger hook, works out fine)

1.  Join yarn around hair elastic with a slip stitch, ch1, make 7 sc stitches across, ch1, turn
2. sc across, ch1, turn
3.  Sc in first, 2 sc in next, sc in next 3, 2sc, sc in last, ch1, turn
4 - 65: *sc, ch1, sk 1* across, sc in last, ch1, turn
66: sc, sc2tog, sc in next 3, sc2 tog, sc, ch1, turn
67: sc across, ch1, turn
68: work a final row of sc around hair elastic, bind off and weave in ends.

(For personal use only)