Wednesday, 27 February 2013

busy busy busy!

From late Autumn until the end of Winter I can usually be found making hats for a local company, this year I have made nearly 200 hence my lack of blog posts!  However, hat making season is nearly at an end and I have managed to steal some time to update my blog.
I have now submitted my  shawl pattern to p-hop and I'm waiting to hear when it will go up on their site for download.  I ended up renaming the shawl as October Leaves shawl after discovering a multitude of patterns using the original name!
My testers creatingincanyon, knotanother1 and hookedonhook all tested in solid/semi solid colours and I have to say I think it looks very striking in a single colour yarn!

Back in the Summer we welcomed a new addition to the family, a young rescue greyhound called Marcus.  He made himself at home very quickly an unfortunately got hold of one of my shawls and chewed it so I ended up having to frog it back more than halfway!  I quickly forgave him though - one look at that pointy face and I knew he was sorry!  As Summer came to an end I turned my attention to making him a snood that would actually stay put after having to retrieve a knitted acrylic cowl out of a muddy puddle - not nice!  I decided that a pure wool snood would be perfect, it would stay dry and not soak up water like the acrylic version and if I made it in a ribbed stitch it should stay put as he raced around the park.  I'm pleased to say after months of wear it is still staying on although it has gone a little baggy now but I'm still pleased as it has been worn almost daily!  The pattern will go up on Ravelry for sale soon with £1 from each sale going to GRWE where we were lucky enough to find Marcus.

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