Thursday, 25 April 2013

Urban Shawl & New Forest Shawl

So I have been busy with the children's birthdays (all three are in April!), but I've still found the time to write up and test 2 new shawl patterns!  The first is Urban Shawl:
which will go on sale as a Ravelry download at the beginning of May for the princely sum of £1 :)  It's a nice simple pattern using a single skein of sock weight yarn and is the first of a pair following a challenge I set myself:  to create a shawl out of one skein of hand painted sock yarn.  I have a lot of sock yarn.  In single skeins.  And as much as I love making socks it is always a huge disappointment to discover a hole in your hard work :(  So the single skein shawl challenge commenced and was completed in a matter of days!  Both of the shawls could be worked up in a weekend each and are good to go without blocking, although you could always block if you wished!
The second shawl is New Forest Shawl:
which was supposed to be semi circular but by a huge miscalculation ended up more of a square.  To compensate I added a loopy border.  I considered naming it Spongebob for a while but ended up with the name New Forest after a long trip out for treatment for my son's Aspergers on the forest.  This shawl will go on sale on Ravelry on 1st May for £1.50 and is already in a lot of people's queues!

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