Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How could I forget?!

I've also released Marcus' snood pattern on ravelry here - what a handsome pup! It's a free pattern but I'm asking people to make a small donation to GRWE if they like the pattern.

I will be revisiting the pattern over the coming months and adding some other sizes hopefully, I'm not sure whether to fiddle around with the pattern itself or sub in and out with different yarn weights and hooks...

MrJoeyGrey - I am unable to reply to your question in comments, I have been trying all weekend but no luck!  In answer to your question, after you have worked into the last stitch of the short row, the next stitch along will need you to drop down to the longer row.  If you don't pick up an extra loop you will end up with a small hole in the fabric. 
To pick up a loop and close the gap, push your hook through one of the strands in the side of the short rows and pull up a loop, keep this loop on the hook and drop down and pick up a loop (sc) as you normally would, from the next stitch.  Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.  Essentially what you are doing is working a sc2tog, so you are not increasing the stitch count, just closing the gap.
I hope this makes sense and I look forward to seeing your project!  If you need any more help please feel free to comment on my post, or pm me on ravelry (redclover) so I can reply directly!


  1. Katherine, not sure if you got my previous question about the greyhound snood? Can't seem to find a link to message you other than writing a comment?

    1. Better late than never - I posted a reply on the end of the original blog post! Finally figured my password to sign in to comments!

  2. If not, I was wondering if you could help me with your pattern. Specifically row 8

    Ch1, sc BLO across first 22 st, drop down to unworked st in last long row (picking up extra loop in end st of last short row if required), sc across rest of the row, turn (66)

    I am afraid I don't understand the picking up of the extra loop and dropping down to the last row. I have tried to look at how to work a linked HDC online and am very confused with all the yarning over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would like to pick up some yarn for this snood next week if I can work out the technique.