Friday, 18 October 2013


Such an underrated colour!  One of the lovely testers for my steampunk mitts pattern, Denvermama, made hers in a gorgeous orange, and I promised myself once I'd done my tax return (yawn...) I'd treat myself to a skein or two (or three!). 
And so it was that I ended up trawling the latest offerings from Fyberspates.  And this is what I got, ta-da!
Totally gorgeous, especially against the silver :)  FYI (and because I like to be an enabler on occasion) these are both Twizzle 4 ply, in silver and burnt orange.
Now, these yarns were supposed to be earmarked for some more steampunk mitts for a craft fair I'm doing in December.  Instead I have seconded them to the shawl department and I'm planning on a stripy version of my Urban Shawl pattern.  If there's any left over after that I shall make some mitts!

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