Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Draco Shawl

It's been a while since I posted, but I have a good excuse:  I accidentally came up with a new pattern!  As so often happens with me, I was messing around with one idea and ended up with something completely different to what I had intended.  Completely and marvellously different.  I have had a touch of the Willy Wonka creativity with this one!
So, I crocheted my way through my original draft, thinking first that I would end up with a triangle, then that I would have a parallelogram on my hands.  I got my husband to help me stretch it to check it would be long enough post blocking...  Then I blocked it and was totally surprised by the shape!
The kids decided it looked like a dragon wing.  I hadn't written down the pattern.  I would need to make another one.
So I did.  Only I have been beading a lot of my shawls recently and considered how I might bead this one.  At first I thought I should just do the tips of the points but hey I had a lot of beads...  maybe I should try something different...
So I crocheted and wrote down what I did.  The beading took aaages until it dawned on me I should probably just get a really tiny crochet hook.  The project sped right up and I was finished in a week!  I'm so glad I chose a yarn with silk in, the drape was much better in the second version of the shawl.

So that's what I did this summer!  The pattern has now been tested over on Ravelry and is available with 25% off for a couple more days (till Friday), Draco Shawl .  The price will then be going up to £2.  Follow the link to see my testers projects, they've chosen some awesome colour combinations!
The pattern has been my most popular to date and I've learnt a new skill - charts in excel!  I've also made a third version with matching yarn and beads:

The pattern is also available in my etsy store: RedcloverCrochet at the full price of £2