Sunday, 20 February 2011

Loverly legumes

Smash and grab gardening with grumpy children in tow today, ended up sending kids off with husband on a trek to see the ponies while I hastily weeded and levelled a couple of patches to sow red epicure broad beans  and early onward peas.  Now I just need a rubber snake and some twigs to outsmart the pesky pigeons and we're up and running for the season!
The garlic is 6" tall and looking good after the milder weather and the shallots are poking through the soil now too.  Both were planted in September last year.
Snowdrops are still in flower and adding interest while the rest of the plot looks bare!  Rhubarb is starting to push through now too, already planning rhubarb and ginger ice cream - yum!
The kids returned within 20 minutes splattered with mud having all 3 fallen in different puddles, c'est la vie I think...

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