Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yoga socks #2

So I finally got around to putting the basic idea in my head into woolly reality!

While working on these I also came up with a few ideas for a proper sock pattern using a similar flo/blo construction...  more on that another day!

This sock is made with colinette jitterbug 'lagoon' and uses around 50g (and probably a lot less!  My scales are broken...) and 3.75mm hook.  Pattern is in US terms :)  The sizing is pretty flexible, my feet are  UK size 5 and these have good clearance for my heel and toe.  The foot and leg section are easily adjusted by changing the length of the starting chain (mine works out as 15 ch for leg section, 15 ch for foot section, plus 3 ch for the missing heel section plus 1 ch for turning ch)

(apologies for the poor quality pic, I have never tried photographing my own foot before and it hasn't really worked!!)

LDC - linked double crochet.  Instead of wrapping the yarn over before pushing through the stitch, the hook goes through the horizontal bar in the centre of the previous st, pull up a loop, hook through the top of the stitch in the row below, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook twice.  (For the first st, work by going through the second chain from the hook, pull up a loop, then through the top of the stitch in the row below, pull up a loop and yarn over through 2 loops on hook twice.) 

* If you would like both seams to the inside of the foot, when sl st together make sure to do the sl st the opposite way (by folding in the other direction!) for the second sock.   Sl st can be worn to the inside or outside of the sock, whichever is more comfortable.

1. Ch34, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, turn (33)
2-16: ch1, sc in back loop only across all stitches, turn

Leg section
17:  ch1, sc in back loop only in first 15 stitches, turn (leave remaining unworked)
18-38: ch1, sc across in back loop only, turn (15 st)
*Sl st together working in bottom  bumps of chain and back loops.  Break yarn.

Foot section
1.Rejoin yarn by skipping 3 stitches on row 17, rejoin in back loop only and work sc (blo) across to end of row, turn (15)
2-5: ch1, sc in back loop only, turn
6-15: ch2, LDC in in front loop only in each st across, turn
16-20: ch1, sc in back loop only across, turn
*Sl st together working in bottom bumps of chain and back loops. Break yarn.

Weave in ends and wear :)

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