Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Stray skeins

...I might have a few.  And there's never quite enough for the project I have in mind, or they are not what I expected when I start to work them up.  This is what happened yesterday, after I went stash diving.  I found a skein of Artesano Hummingbird in dk, gorgeous soft yarn that just doesn't work well in crochet as the colour runs are too short and pool terribly.  I have 2 skeins but started with 'woodpecker', a mix of orange, lime green, a magenta-ey red and cream...  a challenge to say the least!

I started off trying hitchin a ride by Sharon Cheek which is a lovely simple (US) single crochet-based pattern that Did Not Work.  I will be revisiting the pattern with a slightly more sedate colour in due course!
I then moved onto string along scarf by Kathy North but the colours ended up too blocky again :(  Nevermind, I have a stray skein of Elvincraft's yarn that will look lovely in that pattern.

Then I had my lighbulb moment and dug out a 6.5mm tunisian hook and got on with it...  Success!! 
I started off with ch30 and stuck to tunisian simple stitch.  The colour runs are looking much more knitted  and I will post pictures when finished.
While in a tunisian mood I may also work up a sister cowl with a more openwork pattern, but more on that another time!

(As promised here is an in progress pic!)

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