Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Birch Bark cowl

A while ago I ordered a lucky dip package from Fyberspates.  This lovely yarn is one of the skeins that arrived.  Although it wasn't labelled I'm fairly certain it's 'squishy yarn', certainly it feels like alpaca!
I'm waiting for some handmade wooden buttons to arrive and will post finished pictures as soon as!
I used a 52g skein (!) which I can't be certain of the meterage of so I would recommend having spare yarn on hand just in case...

You will need an 8mm hook and two 2cm buttons/3cm toggle buttons ( I got these buttons from sew Annie sew on Folksy).

This pattern can be adjusted to any size, just change the length of the starting chain: as long as the number of chains is divisible by 2 it should all work out fine...

Ch 46
1. sc in bottom of 2nd ch from hook and bottom of each ch across, turn (45)
2. ch1, (sc, ch1 sk1) across, turn.
3. ch1, sc in 1st st, (sc in ch sp, ch1, sk sc)across, sc in last 2 st, turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for 9 more rows (or until cowl is size needed)

13. ch1, sc in each sc and ch sp across, 3sc in last st of row (do not break yarn!), turn to work across short edge, work 12 more sc evenly across (1 st in each row end), turn
14. ch2, LDC (linked double crochet) in each st across, turn
15-16: repeat row 14
17: ch2, hdc in each st across, fasten off.

Sew on buttons ready to go on the schoolrun!