Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Galaxy Scarf

While in my LYS before Christmas, I bought 2 skeins of King Cole Galaxy.  Not something I would usually buy but I wanted to make a slightly sparkly gift without all the concentration and time needed when using beads.  This yarn is perfect for the job as it is 'pre-sequinned' (is that even a term?!) so I caved in and bought it!
This is what I came up with:
Here's what I did:

6.5mm hook
2 x 50g King Cole Galaxy
Stitch marker

I worked the flat section in the middle in rows, back and forth.  For the ruffle, I worked in a continuous round around the outside until I was happy with the level of ruffliness, in my case 5 rows.

The finished scarf is 52", for a longer scarf start with a longer chain, making sure it is an even number.  (Make sure you have enough yarn!)

  Loosely ch 180
1.  Sc in 2nd ch from the hook, *ch1, sk1, sc* to end, turn (179)
2.  Ch1, *sc in sc, ch1, sk ch sp* across, sc in last, turn (179)
3 - 14: Repeat row 2

You will now work in rounds, a stitch marker is placed in the first st so you don't get lost!  These are continuous rounds that you don't need to join.
You will turn your work to begin working in the short side.  You will need to work *sc, ch1* across this short side, working each sc in the corresponding row end (14 sc made, 13 ch sps) - from now on you won't be skipping any ch sps, they will all be worked in .

Rnd 1: Ch1 and pivot your work, *sc, ch1* along the first short side in the end of each row, ch1 and turn to work along the bottom, *sc, ch1* across the length of this row, ch1 and turn to work across the short side being sure to work 14 sc into this end too!  *sc, ch1* across short side, ch1 and turn to work along the top, *sc, ch1*  in all sc and ch sp, along to the marked st.
Rnd 2-5: continue in *sc, ch1* pattern for another 4 rounds or more if wanted, moving the marker up to keep track of the rounds.  Each round should be double the stitch count of the last, creating the ruffled effect.

Weave in the ends and wear or gift :)

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  1. Really pretty! I'm going to start on the black galaxy soon and will use your pattern for inspiration. :-) Thank you!